Evolutionary Threshold in Human Consciousness


Initially experienced only by Jesus and his three closest disciples, the first Easter two thousand years ago marked a threshold in the evolution of human consciousness. It was the first documented occurrence in which human consciousness conceptualized completely and then exploited effectively a paradigm of time and space as a continuum. During that period in religious history, Jesus and his three closest disciples profoundly changed human understanding of space and time. Although its true meaning and significance remained obscured to many, Jesus and his disciples demonstrated to themselves and then to others, the underlying truth of resurrection and eternal life.

From within his religious worldview, Jesus would have presupposed his own God to be omnipresent and thereby would have conceptualized his own existence as a continuous and eternal reflection within that omnipresence. As a major premise in his argument, the omnipresence of his God enabled Jesus to conceptualize life as a continuum when viewed from Godís perspective. In this respect, his concept of a continuous life in the sight of God represents an early stage in human understanding of the space-time continuum. As a Jewish holy man, anchored in the material reality of Godís universe, Jesus would have recognized time and place as implicit attributes of any human existenceófinite or otherwise.

It would be almost nineteen hundred years later before another great Jewish thinker, Albert Einstein would once again conceptualize a new paradigm to understand and describe space-time. The important point to note is that both of these paradigms represent the true nature of space and time. They both recognize space and time as a combined and continuous manifold of contiguous events in the sight of God.

It is this characteristic of space and time, this aspect of a continuum that suggests the concepts of human resurrection and eternal life. It is this aspect that makes it possible to discover eternal life in every moment of our present life. By unraveling the mysterious events that surrounded the first Easter, we can discover the true meaning of our own transfiguration and resurrection. In following Jesusí journey through his own space-time continuum of consciousness we will find reason to believe the same journey awaits all of us. Eternal life begins today and always will.


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